All my Littles in 2011. L-R, Samantha (5), Kendra (9), Patricia (5), Christian (5), John (4), Jayna (7), Madelyn (2)

Monday, May 28, 2012

Little Tips & Tricks

I have wanted to share some of my little tips & tricks with y'all for awhile but have not had the time to write a long post about each of them so I thought I'd share a list of them with you and if you would like more info on any of them let me know. 

These are the kid's laundry baskets.  Each child has their own.  I wash and dry clothes then my 6-year-old son brings the load to the living room where each child (even my 3-year-old) sorts the clothes into the correct child's basket.  I bought these at the Dollar Tree and taped pictures of my kids to each one so the non-readers could work too.  Each child puts their basket away after the load has been sorted.  I don't care if it's folded because it will be unfolded in no time.  My kids don't own any clothes that can't be sprayed with water and tossed in the dryer for 10 minutes to get the wrinkles out.

These are the labels on my kids drawers. Each child has labels for all articles of their clothing. Each label is marked with the child's first initial. The labels pictured here belong to my 3-year-old daughter; she is able to her clothes away with minimal assistance.

I repurposed my baby play yard to contain my laundry mountain.  I was so tired of the mess spilling into the floor when I get behind.

This is my menu binder.  It has magnets on the back so I can keep it on my fridge.  I keep my coupons I plan to use (not a big couponer, I tried, just not for me), blank shopping lists, and the small menu cards for the meals we typically eat.  Love the movable cards because it makes it easy for quick changes to the menu.

This is our school cart.  At one point we had a whole classroom complete with desks and reading nook.  Then we realized it just worked better for us to school wherever we land (most of the time curled up on the couch.)  The cart is a audio/visual cart my husband purchased for me at our county public school surplus.
I have plenty more little things that use to make my day flow smoothly. I will publish more as I have time.


  1. YAY!! Glad you're back to blogging! =) Love the basket idea. Do your kids have drawers for their shirts or do they hang them in a closet?
    ~Kelly M

    1. They have labels on each of their drawers. I will edit the post to show you what they look like.

  2. Thank you for sharing this!!! I am struggling with the menu for the month for some reason. I just can't wrap my head around it. I know what I want to do but actually getting it on paper seems impossible. Maybe because there is too much of everything else going on. I'll get there though. One day! ;) Again Thank you!