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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Big Toy Swap

Yesterday was a fun yet busy day around here... Toy Swap Day! About 6-8 months ago I was fed up with toys. They were everywhere! My children were bored with them and rarely played with any of them. The one toy they wanted almost always landed on the bottom of the toy box and all the toys on top of it became scattered when they began to look for "that" toy. It was near impossible for them to keep their rooms clean. They just had too much. I did the donation thing and got rid of 6 large trash bags of old, misfit, or broken toys, but the problem still existed. I decided to come up with a way for my children to keep their favorite toys but only play with a few at a time.

I divided every bedroom's toys into three different categories. They are:

Older Girls (10 & 7):
American Girls
Sweet Street Dollhouses

Younger Girls (6, 6, & 3):
Loving Family Dollhouse
Baby Dolls
Pets (Zuzu, Little Pet Shop, etc)

Boys (6 & 5):
GeoTrax Trains
Cars & Other Transportation
Action Heros & Animals (Dinosours & Farm Sets)

Each month I switch out the children's toys with a new tote. I get rid of all the broken toys at this time as well. The kids are not allowed to get new toys out until their room is very clean.

We have other places where toys are stored around our house as well.

Toy Room:
Play Kitchen & Food
Work Bench & Tools
Slicky Slide & Playhouse

Living Room:
Tinker Toys
Mega Blocks
Lincoln Logs
Board Games
Play Dough

School Storage:
Geo Safari
Learning Games

All of these are pretty much available whenever they want (except play dough). We also clean out & organize these on toy swap day.

How do you tame the toy monster?

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  1. Hhmmmm...i wouldn't say I've tamed the toy monster by any means, but the twins' room has a toy storage shelf. Each basket holds a different category of toys. One for transportation, one for lincoln logs, one for action figures, one for guns, etc....if the # of toys in that category exceeds the basket, we start getting rid of things. Toys that are rarely played with anymore get transferred to the basement. They get played with if they're down there. Go figure. haha. All of the riding toys are in the basement as well. Gracie's room has a dollhouse, a basket for small toys/accessories, and a basket for babies. Then she has a tote with random larger items like the ball popper, stroller, vacuum, etc. We don't have places in the rest of the house for toy storage (unless you count under the couch which I have to clean out at least weekly). LOL. Puzzles, games and dry erase boards are in my office and are kept put away unless *I* bring them out (usually during school or when i need to do something important that requires silence in the house. I would love love love to downsize more than I already have but have yet to come up with a good plan...they really play with everything that's still in their room.